The not-so-elusive queer female comics reader


Last week I said there were only four comics I’m currently reading that aren’t changing under Marvel Now!

As of today, make that three.  Ed Brubaker is leaving Winter Soldier in February, and being replaced with Jason Latour, who I know absolutely nothing about.

I’m…not sure what I think about that.  Nothing that Latour says in that interview makes me think OMG NO!, but there’s nothing there that jumped out at me as really exciting either.  And I love Brubaker’s writing so much.  I was resigned to him leaving Captain America in part because I knew he’d still be writing Bucky, now I have twice the nervousness.  Steve and Bucky were the characters who got me into the Avengers side of Marvel Comics.  Previously, I was an X-Men girl, through and through and I’d carefully avoided getting attached to any non-mutant characters, because comics are expensive, both in time and money.

(Now, as you can see in my Subscription List, I’m reading more Avengers-related titles than X-Men titles.  Comics, they’re a dangerous, dangerous slippery slope.)

Also, I’ve been nervous about where the current Winter Soldier arc is taking Bucky and Natasha’s relationship, and considering how much such things often change when new writers take over a book, I’m now even more frightened that something awful is going to happen to split them up long-term.  And I am SO not okay with that.  I love them together.  They make each other stronger, and they make each other gentler.  It’s an incredibly grown up and complicated relationship of the sort that doesn’t show up enough in any media, let alone comics, and I really prize that.


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